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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  November 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning. good to see you on this sunday. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell. we begin this morning in ferguson, missouri, where residents are anxiously awaiting the grand jury to reconvene tomorrow. they could decide whether the officer who killed unarmed michael brown could be indicted but it could extend to the january 7th deadline. 12 members of the grand jury are having to sit through so much
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evidence. >> we have testimony of officer darren wilson, for one, there are photos, videos, crime scene evidence and autopsy reports. in the meantime, protesters have been calling for justice for michael brown. his parents are begging them to stay calm and not to resort to violence. stephanie elam is live in ferguson. stephanie, do you think the waiting has exacerbated the anxiety there or is it helping the protesters formulate what they are going to do next? >> reporter: i think the protesters have known what they plan on doing, victor and christi. there's been anxiety on the residents here in ferguson. some of the residents that i've spoken with say they want it to be more like a band-aid. rip it off and be done with it. other people were saying, i thought it wouldn't take so long for them to come to a decision
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and other people say, maybe they are taking their time to come to their decision here about the fate of officer darren wilson here and not doing it too fast. you hear all types of thoughts on this. there's definitely a level of fatigue with the attention on ferguson and what's going to happen here with officer wilson but the protesters are not backing down. peacef peacef peaceful protests happening again here in ferguson. overall, you're not seeing violent clashes and they are out here every night, victor and christi. >> if there's no indictment tomorrow, you say that they are still making plans. do you have any idea what those plans are? and are these people -- can you discern if they are people that live there in ferguson or if they are people who have come from outside? >> when you talk to protesters, they've been planning for this all along. they all say that they work in
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collective and they work on how they are going to demonstrate and protest. some protesters are telling me this is larger than mike brown. it speaks to the larger issue of how law enforcement relates and conducts itself with young, black men, young men of color in ferguson and in surrounding areas and in other cities. when you look at the protesters who are here, when you see that there have been either protesters arrested for unlawful assembly, a lot of them are coming from st. louis. they are not just coming from ferguson. there are also other people here. i spoke to one man who has been living here since august and he's from seattle. a young, white man. there are people here from kansas, oakland, california. you see there are people here from other areas. but in ferguson, specifically, the people who have been arrested are from st. louis, most of them. that's the case there. >> stephanie elam, thank you. >> as you know, experts, at least some, expected a decision out of ferguson this weekend.
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so a little earlier i asked about the four charges that the grand jury's consideration. first degree, second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter. i asked paul callan what it would take to charge officer wilson with first-degree murder. >> i think it's a little tough because it requires premeditation and planning and certainly whatever happened in that tragic encounter between michael brown and officer wilson, it happened very, very quickly and sort of almost impulsively. i don't think they are going to have an easy time proving premeditation. >> of course, we are watching the situation in ferguson and we'll bring you any update as soon as we get it. >> sad news that we need to
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share with you this morning. former d.c. mayor marion barry has died. we're not getting a cause of death. we know that he's been struggling with health problems recently. >> you should know that inside washington and outside of washington, barry's name became synonymous with d.c. he was a four-time mayor. >> people are sharing their memories of barry. >> we talked just as much about his book from the plantations in mississippi. he lived and died a special place in the hearts of the people. >> and he became a symbol of the city. it wasn't without scandal. i want to bring in cnn's erin
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mcpike. what are you learning this morning? >> just moments ago we got a statement from his family. i want to read part of that to you. his family says, it is with deep regret that the family of four-time d.c. mayor and city councilman announces that he has passed. you may know that marion barry has been a councilmember up to this moment. mr. barry transitioned at approximately 12:00 midnight after having been released from howard university hospital on saturday. it goes on to say he released his autobiography, "mayor for life" in june of this past year. he leaves behind his wife and his only child, son marion christopher barry. we ask that you respect the family's privacy at this time.
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they did not release the cause of death. we are expecting a hospital press conference later this morning. as we mentioned, he had that autobiography out this past year and it goes into detail about the four terms that he served as mayor. he served three terms until the early '90s and then was arrested for that video of him smoking crack in a hotel and served six months of jail time. that's a pretty infamous story about him. he also had a number of run-ins with the law over the last few decades for both fraud and taxes. his top issue has been trying to get statehood for d.c. i want to play a little bit more of that interview here. listen. >> i've led a rich life, not just a 60-second sound bite. when you say washington, d.c., everybody knows when i came here in 1965, washington was a
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sleepy, southern town. no high rises or anything except the fbi building. look at washington now. all of downtown. our neighborhoods have been transformed because of my blueprint. i appointed herb miller. more importantly, i brought hope to the hopeless. and in washington, i have worked hard for the people and i'm beloved by the people. >> we've also gotten a few statements in this morning from a number of people talking about him. the current mayor of washington, vincent gray, said marion was not just a colleague but also was a friend with whom i shared many fond moments about governing the city. he loved the district of columbia and so many washingtonians loved him. we heard from the mayor-elect who said he will continue to be an example to me and so many
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others. >> erin mcpike, thank you. we appreciate it. scrambling to secure a deal. negotiations going on right now between iran and the u.s. and its allies over iran's nuclear program. tomorrow is the deadline to get it done. we'll go live to vienna. plus, after allegations of gang rape at a fraternity house but some are questioning the school's response. and mound of melting snow in buffalo with a major warmup, rain on the way. the city's mayor is joining us to talk about how they are prepping for a potentially dangerous flood threat. ♪ (holiday music is playing) hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before.
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it would be, quote, impossible to find common ground. right now john kerry is in vienna, austria, to address serious gaps that remain. >> our cnn correspondent jim sciutto is live in vienna. we're hearing words like impossible. maybe they will need a little more time? >> reporter: there is conflicting information about the process. you have that report from iran but i spoke to a senior state department a short time ago that said, yes, big gaps remain but they are taking steps and by the midnight deadline. that said, no one i talked to said there aren't still serious disagreements here. here's how secretary of state john kerry described it last night. >> we have big gaps. we still have some serious gaps
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which we're working to close. the good thing is we are united and working in concert and we're not going to say anything about the discussions while they are going on but a lot of serious work is going on by a lot of people. >> reporter: what we're seeing now, and you could consider this a positive development, you have a flurry now of visits coming to vienna, the foreign ministers, the permanent members of the u.n. security council, the french, british, russian foreign ministers all flying to vienna to make an effort before that deadline. whether it will be sufficient, we don't know, but it's a serious one because, really, there's so much riding on this by both sides. >> so if there is no deal by the monday deadline, is there a possibility of an extension or are the talks off?
5:15 am
what happens then? >> reporter: there's a whole range. from one end where you could have a complete collapse of the discussions, which is something that few people i spoke to expect to happen. you could have a simple extension, say we could not make it by the deadline or we need a couple of weeks to work on this. you could have a step beyond that which is still short which they could announce a framework deal. we've come to an agreement on the big issues but we have to sit down and hammer out the details at the technical level, this kind of thing which you'll often here in these negotiations that happened when they were negotiating the provisional agreement last year. that's another possibility. and then, of course, you could have surprise for everyone and a comprehensive agreement in the next 24 hours. but it's a whole range of possibilities. i would say the least -- the least likely results are a collapse or a complete final agreement, somewhere in between an extension, a framework agreement all possible. >> all right.
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we'll wait to hear. jim sciutto in vienna for us, thank you so much. still to come, oh the things that people in buffalo have been dealing with already and now this new weather threat that they are looking at. >> yeah. it's a big warmup. typically that would be good news but not when you have 7 feet of snow around your house. we'll tell you what that means for rising waters, possible flooding. the city's mayor joins us next. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro. [annit's working forny. new york state. already 41 companies are investing almost $80 million dollars, and creating 1750 jobs.
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first buffalo was hit by a wall of snow. now it could face a wall of
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water. >> just days after feet of snow hit the region, temperatures are rising, rain is on the way which means, of course, the snow is going to melt. >> there could be 5 to 6 feet of water in some areas in a short amount of time. dozens of roofs have already collapsed and there's fear that more could give way. >> hundreds of national guardsmen are heading to buffalo to help, we understand. 180,000 sandbags are ready to go but i want to know where that big, old pile of snow for 50 feet high, where does that go when it melts? >> unfortunately, maybe into some people's homes. let's start with the rain and our jennifer gray. our meteorologist is standing by. >> we've gotten rain earlier this morning. it's very light rain and more is on the way. we're not looking at huge
5:21 am
amounts as far as rain goes for the buffalo area but when you factor in the warming temperatures, the snow melt and any additional water you're going to add to it, it's just going to add insult to injury. that's the concern. this system is pushing up to the north and east. you can see by monday morning, we kind of have a bull's eye over western new york. we'll see the rain come down there and then it's going to move out. temperatures will be warming, in the meantime, and then we'll see the temperatures drop by the middle of the week. less than an inch and possibly an inch in isolated locations. that's what we're looking for as far as rainfall totals. it's a flood warning for areas around buffalo from this evening through wednesday morning due to that warm air, the rain and snow melt. looking forward in time, look at this, 45 today, 60 tomorrow with rain, possible snow again, guys, on tuesday as temperatures drop below freezing again and then the sun could come out on wednesday and we could see more
5:22 am
flurries on thursday. we kind of yo-yo throughout the week. it doesn't look like we'll have a lot of sunshine today with that 45 and so maybe with extra cloud cover we can get more of a gradual melt. time is going to tell, of course, and they haven't seen this much snow at one time. so it's going to be hard to predict exactly what is going to happen. it's good that they are preparing for the worse, guys. >> it's like mother nature is schizophrenic or something. jennifer gray, thank you so much. >> let's get more now on how buffalo is preparing for the big meltdown and rising waters. buffalo mayor byron brown is joining us on the phone. good to have you. he's in front of the camera. good to have you with us here. >> good to be with you. >> put into real terms for us, we've talked about watches and warnings. what does it mean to the people
5:23 am
there? >> six days and 6 feet of snow has fallen in the area of the city and now we have 100% of streets that are passable. pretty amazing. as you mentioned, we are going to have rain. we're going to have a significant warmup. we're preparing for the worse, hoping for the best in terms of flooding. we have issued warnings and briefings to there residents of this community to unplug items that are in the basements. people have been very cooperative. the people of buffalo are incredibly resilient. they are tough. they look out for each other. so we are about as prepared as one community can be. >> there are reports of so many roofs collapsing. i imagine the people have to go somewhere. are you operating shelters now? >> we have shelter availability.
5:24 am
we have been sheltering people in fire headquarters and police stations. neighbors have been helping neighbors. people have been supporting each other as we do in buffalo and western new york. one of the reasons why this community is known as the city of good neighbors and, again, we've had the opportunity to prove that to the nation and to the world. >> you know, i just cannot imagine, i'm 6'2". 7 feet of snow coming down around my home and then you've got the water coming. i mean, as the mayor responsible for so many of the day-to-day operations inside the city, it had to be, in some ways, just overwhelming. >> well, you know, we have gotten so much support from municipalities all across the state of new york. the governor of the state of new york, andrew cuomo, has been here with us for days. i think this is going to be the
5:25 am
fifth day that the governor has been with us, which is absolutely amazing. our congressional delegation has been here. people have stepped up in a major way. we have an array of assets in the city right now and we are prepared to do everything that we can to ensure the health and safety of the residents of this community. >> all right. mayor byron brown, we appreciate your time. i know that you've got a lot of work ahead of you. looks like you have a thin jacket. is it warming up already? >> it is warming up already. it's in the 40s right now. and based on the temperatures that we've been dealing with, it's pretty balmy. >> pretty balmy. you've got feet of snow on the ground there. mr. mayor, thank you so much. >> they are used to it. i'd still be in a coat if it was in the 40s. just saying. they wear it well. still ahead, have you seen this? crowds gathering outside of the
5:26 am
frat house at the university of virginia in they are demanding justice in the wake of a brutal rape allegation that's detailed in "rolling stone" magazine. is anybody going to see charges filed? we'll talk about it in a moment. at northrop grumman, we've always been on the forefront of innovation. when the world called for speed... ♪ ...when the world called for stealth... ♪ ...intelligence... endurance... affordability... adaptability... and when the world asked for the future. staying ahead in a constantly evolving world. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made with hydrogenated oil. always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. 29 minutes past the hour. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. thap thanks for being with us this morning. >> some 200 protesters rallied this morning outside of a fraternity after a horrific rape
5:30 am
allegation. >> and the campus outrage is growing in the wake of this month's issue of "rolling stone" magazine where a student describes how she was gang raped over a three-hour period at that fraternity house, as well as her frustration over trying to get justice. cnn's joe johns has more. >> reporter: it's a being show shocking allegation of rape in the state of virginia, alleging a culture of rape and sexual assault there, including a story about a first-year student said to be considering suicide after she went to a party in 2012 at the fraternity house and was allegedly gang raped. grab her leg and that's when jackie knew she was going to be raped. she remembers the next three hours of agony during which seven men took turns raping her. a friend of the accuser --
5:31 am
>> he let her upstairs and where she was taken into a room and pretty much ambushed by these men. >> reporter: since the article, another student has come forward, similar story, same fraternity. >> i had to walk on campus with my rapist for the next 2 1/2 years. >> reporter: and the issue is not just one fraternity house or even one school. >> i was told that university of virginia is actually quite typical, even though the things that i discovered at university of virginia are really horrifying, what i was told is that really what happens at uva is probably fairly normal at a college campus. >> reporter: according to "rolling stone," the accuser did not report the incident at the time to police but did speak to a university official. >> when she left the fraternity house that night and called some of her friends, they actually recommended that she not go to the police. >> reporter: at the university, damage control is in hyperdrive and police are investigating.
5:32 am
the fraternity chapter is suspending all activities and said it will cooperate fully with the investigation. uva's president said in a statement that the report includes, quote, many details that were not previously disclosed to university officials. the university takes seriously the issue of sexual misconduct. we have recently adopted several new initiatives and policies aimed at fostering a culture of reporting and raising awareness. 88 universities are under investigation for how they handle sex assault cases. there is a group dedicated to ending sexual assault on campus. he said schools could be sanctioned. >> they could face a loss of federal funding which would end an entire institution. >> reporter: important to say that in the case of uva, it was the university that called for authorities to get involved, including police and the
5:33 am
virginia attorney general's office. >> all right. joe johns reporting there. >> thank you for that report. >> joining us now, let's talk about this with cnn legal analyst paul callan and danny cevallos. paul, first of all, the university of virginia suspending all fraternities until january 9th and asking charlottesville police to investigate the incident. this was an incident from 2012. too little, too late? >> well, it's not too late. the statute of limitations would still be open if it was 2012 for a potential criminal case. but, yes, it is too late in the sense you want to have these cases prosecuted and investigated very, very quickly. and frankly, this is stunning and shocking. i mean, seven men gang raping a woman on a college campus? i've got to hear more why the police weren't involved sooner, what they did if they were involved. it's a shocking, shocking
5:34 am
allegation. >> right. it's stomach turning. and danny, she told the school's sexual misconduct board, as i have read. if that is the case, does the board not have a responsibility, then, to get law enforcement involved? >> it's interesting because on college campuses, these investigative bodies operate as sort of an independent quasi-judicial, quasi-prosecutorial entity and doesn't have a lot of oversight. you can imagine after cases like these there's a tremendous pressure to investigate these cases but, at the same time, they are not bound by the same transparency that government prosecutors are bound by. and going back to what you said about 2012, you know, the problem with rape cases is that most of them -- any forensic evidence that you're going to get dissipates within days, within a week. so anything outside of a month
5:35 am
is almost the same as something from three years ago because it will come down to testimonial evidence. >> going back to your question about what's the college's obligation, even if they are just investigating it as a disciplinary proceeding, they have a moral obligation, they have obligations as human beings to call the cops in a case like this. and if they didn't do that, there's something seriously wrong with the university officials in charge of these students. >> that's what i was wondering. well, and then on top of that, i think anybody watching this thinks, what about the boys? i mean, now that it has been two years and we talk about the fact that there's probably no evidence, what action could possibly be taken, danny? >> well, if there's still students, remember, the university can always investigate a student under its
5:36 am
conduct handbook or policy or whatever they have and they can conduct their own hearings and expel the student and for the uva student, that would be just as devastating as a criminal prosecution. i say that figuratively but it would be very devastating in that case. it brings up a greater point about fraternities. the writing has been on the wall for many years. fraternities and sororities' days may be limited. they promote social events that may or may not involve drinking, no supervision and all kinds of potential injuries, crimes, things -- i'm not saying that it would necessarily happen there but as a liability entity, maybe their days are numbered. they are just too subjected to liability and just not enough oversight. that just may be the case. maybe in 20 years they will no
5:37 am
longer exist. >> paul, last word? >> you can still make a case here, a disciplinary case and a criminal case. i'll tell you why. if there were seven men involved in this, what law enforcement does is they go in and get one guy to turn. they will offer him a deal to turn against the others and even though time has passed, you can still make a case here if there is a case to be made. >> and college students are going to be the most likely to take that deal. those are the kind of students with a lot to lose and paul is exactly right. one guy with a deal, i don't care how much that is your bro, they will turn when their future is at stake. >> it's so stomach turning to think that these guys did this and they don't think it's criminal. according to the actual article, they called her an it. it's something that has to be dealt with on such a much broader basis. we so appreciate your insight into this, gentlemen. thank you for being with us.
5:38 am
>> thank you. of course, this weekend we as the people in ferguson are, awaiting for the grand jury to reconvene tomorrow. >> we're going to take a look at how much the community has healed. have they? since michael brown was killed. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics.
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we return to our coverage on ferguson. the city and many cities are on edge as people wait for the grand jury to reconvene. that happens tomorrow. once again, there were protests overnight. peaceful. the demonstrators are hoping to
5:42 am
finally know whether officer darren wilson will be indicted or if he won't be. let's bring in founder and pastor of the metropolitan christian worship center in st. louis. he joins us from our location there in ferguson. bishop, the wait -- we know that the grand jury just got the case on friday. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. this wait for the grand jury's decision, how is that impacting the community? >> yes. there's a tenseness here. individuals are on edge on both sides, blacks and whites, and those, of course, who are neither. this is a great city. we want to see it move forward and progress. but we're still just kind of waiting to see what's going to happen. >> you know, one question i had when i was there in ferguson and i continue to ask, what will be the fruit of the protest? we saw protests after the verdict in the zimmerman trial.
5:43 am
we've seen protests after similar cases across the country. this has been, in many ways, different. but what will be the lasting legacy for the community there? >> well, of course, again, it could go both ways or many, many different ways. i think what many of the young people are expecting is that there will actually be persons who listen to them and make viable changes. the community in and of itself will certainly have to go through various morphs or changes as we learn to what it actually takes to heal, not only ethnically but racially and economically in this community. the lasting legacy could be great. wouldn't it be great if st. louis actually becomes a model city in terms of race relations and how to deal with matters like this? but it's going to take work and as a pastor and believer in
5:44 am
christ, it's going to take prayer in addition to the various skill sets and ideologies and so forth that we will be exploring. >> you're a pastor. this is a sunday morning. i wonder what you tell your congregation. i imagine that a lot of them are torn. and as they wait for the decision from the grand jury, they need some guidance. what are you telling them? >> well, as one pastor in this city, we are obviously, again, encouraging everyone to pray but also to be honest within our own hearts about both sides of the story. from the very beginning, we have prayed for mike brown, mike brown's family and prayed for darren wilson and his family and the entire city. not because we don't understand but because we know that the real answer to this is not only
5:45 am
political, not only social, not only racial. it is spiritual. spiritual issues really must be taken into account here. and so we look to god to help us to kind of discern our way through this. we have infamous history related to african-americans and whites in this country. and so all of that feeds into how we read an interpret from both sides what actually happened. we're still waiting for the facts to be brought out. but as i have said in private conversations, it's very difficult and there is a lack of subcultural sensitivity or there is ignorance about the way that we would interpret these things. all of logic, a great friend said, flows through a river of feelings. and so we've got to deal with how we feel about it, we have to deal with the rich history behind it, the infamous history behind all of this. it is not just simply the facts.
5:46 am
and so we talk a lot about that and the influences that impact how we interpret what we hear, what we see. we deal with distrust, pride, anger. i'm african-american. i understand it. the principle here is more than a principle. it's a real, live story here. the narrative is that god is alive. people of this community want to progress radless of tlear affiliation. >> and enindictment or no indictment, there are people who are hoping for measurable change and healing. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for your time. a deadline is fast approaching for a family in a small louisiana town. >> they have one week to get rid of their dog or city officials will do it for them.
5:47 am
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take a look at this video. this looks like a happy family, right? smiling faces with their dog zeus. they say he's loving and therapeutic to their six children. >> there's an ordinance in their town that is threatening to take
5:51 am
this dog from their family. they passed a ban on vicious dogs last month and the pitbull, by their definition, is a vicious dog. now, the harmons have until december 1st to get rid of their dog zeus or police will come and take their dog to the pound and, quote, dispose of it. joining us now, mom joanna and her daughter ohara owens. thank you first for joining us this morning. what was the -- how did you hear about this that you had to get rid of the dog? the law was passed and it gave you a couple of weeks and the dog has to go? >> yes. they came during this week and they handed us a form that we had to sign stating that we were aware it and we had till december 1st to get rid of our dog. >> has there ever been any complaint against zeus? >> no. no.
5:52 am
as a matter of fact, our neighbors love him. we've never had a complaint. he's never attacked. he's never growled. everybody that's come over has absolutely fallen in love with him. >> how does zeus help you? >> well, for instance, like in the middle of the night, most of the time i wake up with spasms and like my legs and my back and he normally -- he sleeps right at my feet. so whenever i start spasing, he'll get up and nudging my mom and when she wasn't getting up, he pulled her out of the bed. >> is there any way to argue that he is, you know, a service dog in some regard to your family? have they listened? are they open to that argument?
5:53 am
>> we have asked them that. we've questioned and we've even asked the chief of police and they told us that there was absolutely nothing we could do to save our dog. >> all right. so joanna, we want to hear from the alderman. he talked to our affiliate klab. let's listen to some of that. >> okay. >> we have several residents that were complaining about not being able to walk around the neighborhood at ease because these dogs were basically running along town. >> running around town, basically. what's your response to this? >> i have something to say about that. >> go ahead. >> the supposed dogs that were running around town is actually his german shepherd because my friend was bit by his sherman
5:54 am
shepherd and about a year or two ago, me and my sister were walking our little terrier dog down the road and his dog came out and attacked us. it almost killed our terrier and it was going after us. >> well, we hear that but unfortunately the alderman is not here to respond to that. >> we did reach out and we did not get a comment. so -- but i understand that you do have an online petition to keep zeus and you've got 74,000 people who have signed it already? >> 74,000 and it's growing by every hour it's growing higher and higher. >> okay. that's at it says, save zeus. so now we're down to the wire. you've got until december 1st. what are you going to do? >> we're putting a plan in action to make sure that zeus is safe. that's our main priority. we don't want to break up our family because it's going to be
5:55 am
extremely detrimental to our children to have zeus out of the house. he's been here for a year now, he's been a part of our family, he's been a brother to all of my kids and he's been a baby to me. but our first priority is to make sure that he is safe, he is sound. we're going to put him in a foster home temporarily, hopefully close by so when there is a crisis with any one of my children, they can be on hand, that we can take them to him. also, we'll be able to visit him daily. >> thank you so much for sharing your story with us. the very best of luck to you. we certainly wish to you and to zeus and to your whole family. >> thank you both. keep us updated on what is happening. >> we certainly will. thank you. >> we'll be right back. new york state.for already 41 companies are investing almost $80 million dollars, and creating 1750 jobs. from long island to all across upstate new york, more businesses are coming to new york.
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and good morning to you. we are still looking at rain pushing into the buffalo area. very light rain but you can see just on the hills of hamburg and that was one of the hardest hit areas we saw with snow. there was a flood warning in effect that's gone from a snow watch to a flood watch due to the rain and snow melt. temperatures are warming. we'll be around 45 degrees today. shouldn't have much sunshine, which is good. rain later today and into tomorrow. could change back into snow by wednesday. temperatures are going to be back and forth over the upcoming week. so i want to mention the severe threat in the south today as well. damaging wind, large hail, possibility of a few isolated tornadoes and then looking for thanksgiving holiday this weekend, we're looking at
6:00 am
possible snow in the northeast. >> all right. jennifer gray, thank you so much. thank you for starting your morning with us. >> state of the union is next. gloria borger is in for candy crowley. starts right now. no cover-up, no conspiracy but plenty of confusion. a new bipartisan report on benghazi goes inside the cia. what really happened? we'll get at the facts with republicans lindsey graham and democrat adam schiff. then -- >> to those members of congress that question my authority, pass a bill. >> barack obama goes it alone on immigration. republicans say he's breaking the law. what will they try to do about it? former senator rick santorum on the price of the presidential order. plus, in missouri awaiting a


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